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Hey, guys! I'm finally back to using coyotek again. I'll try to update the older entries over time with new urls for everything, but for now I'm keeping everything locked until I finish sorting through everything in the wake of the website issues I had a (long) time ago.

I've made a resolution this year to do (approximately) one complete sketch of speedpaint each week, on average, as well as one full illustration each month. Again, on average. I'll likely be posting throughout the year a monthly roundup like this. If having the worksafe images not under a cut is an issue, let me know and I'll revert back to how I did it previously.

Speedpaint of Terezi as depicted in the Serendipity Gospels, which I started reading a good while back because it was one of the few Gamzee/Terezi fics out there. I've since stayed for the clown cult worldbuilding - and quality worldbuilding in general, my greatest weakness. The whole sleep deprivation-in-the-face-of-trying-to-get-shit-done situation in the latest chapter is one that I can relate to far too frequently.

Anatomy is intentionally off to keep the line movement.

This is taken from May Never See the Light, a seriously incredible (and hot) short story that [personal profile] laylah wrote for my winning bid on an auction benefiting the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Risa is an exotic dancer who uses a form of blood magic in her act in an underworld full of (frequently) unsavory demons, shifters, vampires, and the like. I just loved the imagery of how she’d turn blood into living shadow on stage, though it was but a brief portion of the overall story - which should be available online soon! I definitely recommend checking it out, though I am a bit biased in my appreciation for it.

lol, fantrolls. I'm sorry, guys. I'm not sorry at all.

Jayael and Alshar, worst moirails ever. I did this one kind of last minute for a reference image for another artist. I can't wait to see what she does with them. That's about all that I'm willing to admit right now. yeah.

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